If your weakness is Goan cuisine, head to pepper's where you'll find a tempting selection of local delicacies say Shradha Deshpande.
It was just another Sunday afternoon when I decided to do an indolent lunch along with a friend. The weather seemed absolutely perfect for this endeavor undertaken! The rains had made their presence felt by paying a guest visit the sun seemed tired, too, and preferred not to show up in the brightest of its power! While we were still trying to decide upon the place that would add the final few touches to the already beautiful Sunday, we came across Peppers, an eatery situated at one of the most frequently, used road in Pajifond, Margao. It's a hard one to miss!
We made our entry into the restaurant and the interiors were something that instantly made us feel at home. Take intricately placed Lamps and combine them with decorative instruments that have been placed to give the authentic Goan feel. After absorbing the interiors we got down to the serious business of indulging in the food, For starters, we ordered Fish Fingers (Rs 65) and Prawns Batter Fry (Rs 100). Both dishes came with an interesting Starter Salad Sauce, which was mainly mayonnaise with finely chopped veggies that were slightly salted, for added Flavour. The fish was crisp and light and so delicious that it was impossible for us to stop eating
After cleaning the starters of the plate, the main course made an entry, what I Strongly recommend is the Pepper's special Non- Veg Mixed Platter (Rs 225) that contains a gamut of kababs that one could ever think of. The meat is carefully cooked and hence his tenderness is not lost at all.
Next we decided to go in for the Sea Food Sizzler (Rs.130) What we got was certainly much more than what we imagined a variety of fish including squids, that came with a sauce that completely homemade. We were amazed and in awe of the hands, that created such a masterpiece.
One of the many things that sets Peppers apart from other restaurant is the authentic Goan cuisine. This, might I add, is nothing along the lines of those eating places, which promise a true Goan experience and end up being nowhere close to it. The masalas at Peppers are carefully created, what one cant miss is the live tandoor counter that greets each and every person stopping by Peppers.
The range of dishes is massive with most of the white and red meats available in creative preparations. The selection of vegetarian food is also good enough just in case you prefer to stick to the safe greens. A must try are the mocktails that again come in a wide array to satisfy all thirsty souls. The range of desserts is moderate, with a selection of traditional Goan homemade sweets bebinca and dodol to name a few.
All in one the entire experience of dining at Peppers is one that will take you back to the good old days of Grandma’s cooking with a hint of modernity. Add to eat the bustling yet claimed backdrop and viola! An absolutely amazing dining experience is absolutely ready.